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Posted by IGN on Monday, April 18, 2017 08:16:16The upcoming sixth season of Game of Thrones has a new chapter in its story line that will cover everything from the characters and motivations to the setting and the politics.

It’s already got an expanded cast, with new characters like Margaery Tyrell and Daenerys Targaryen, new locations and locations in the Riverlands, and a brand new season trailer.

The first chapter of season 6 was released last week, and the expansion has just been officially released.

We’ve compiled a list of everything we can see in the new chapter.


The new chapter begins in the Red KeepThe Red Keep is an old castle and it is home to Cersei Lannister and her daughter, Sansa Stark.

It was the seat of the Lannister dynasty for nearly a thousand years.

Cersei has spent most of her life trying to find a way to reunite the Targaryens with the Starks, and her efforts seem to have been unsuccessful. 


The new episode begins in DorneThe new Dorne episode opens with an army of Night’s Watch and their dragon, Drogon, invading the Wall, taking out most of the Westerosi troops and leaving the Stark children to die.

The episode ends with Cersei and Jaime fighting off a large army of the Night’s King’s men, led by Jaime. 


The new episode ends in Storm’s EndThe Storm’s end episode ends abruptly with Cerce and Jaime leaving Dorne to fight in the Iron Islands. 


Jaime and Cersei leave the WallThe season 6 finale sees Cersei’s plan unravel as she makes the first move to take the White Walkers out. 


Cersei and Tyrion return to DorneIt’s been nearly five years since Jaime and Cerce left the Wall and they return to the capital city of Dorne, just as they were when they left. 


In Season 7, Cersei decides to return to WesterosThe show has a season 7 that will feature Cersei on her quest to destroy the Seven Kingdoms, her first major political move in her career. 


Bran and Jaime travel to the Red WeddingThe first part of season 7 has Bran and Jaime traveling to the Dornish castle of Winterfell. 


Dorne has its own characterIn Season 8, Cerce sends Jaime and Bran to Dorn, the Red Lion, where she will try to make peace with King Robert Baratheon. 


Arya’s arrival in WesterosAryah, who’s on the run from the Wall with her father, is captured by a wildling group in the north. 


Ramsay’s plan to kill Jaime Rammed through a door in the wall and shot his father, Roose Bolton, to death. 


King Rhaegar Targaryan dies in a duel with King Tommen Rhaegars father, Jaime, is killed when he’s hit by a spear and Bran is kidnapped by his uncle, Tywin Lannister. 


Jon Snow and Sansa return to King’s Landing Jon’s and Sansam’s first adventure in King’s Road begins at Winterfell as the Night King attacks the city. 


The return of Bran and the Twins The return of a character who hasn’t been seen for years in the books comes as Jon Snow and Bran are forced to leave King’s Gate to find Sansa. 


Tywin Lannisters daughter, Tommeni Tyvin returns as the new Lord Commander of the Seven. 


Tyrion and Bronn return to Winterfell The second part of the season 8 finale sees the Winterfell family return to Storm’s Gate after fleeing from King’s Men, only to be attacked by the Night and Sons. 


Battle of the Blackwater Tywan Lannister has captured Jaime and his brother Jon, who are both imprisoned in a cell with a huge rock in it.

Tywin is about to kill both Jaime and Jon when the Boltons appear and save them. 


The Winterfell Rebellion In the first episode of the second season, a rebellion breaks out against the Lannisters. 


Gendry is the first character to be shown on-screen in the TV seriesThe first episode will introduce Gendry as an old friend of Jon Snow. 


An army of Storm’s Walkers In Episode 4, a new army of wildling walkers attacks Winterfell, taking Jaime and the Lannists hostage. 


Mance Rayder is the new Starks son Mances is the second character to appear in the show as a

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