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How does Whatsapp make millions?

The company, which was founded in 2012 by a former Google engineer, has since become a billion dollar company, and the company is the biggest app provider in the world.

The company says it has over 1 billion monthly active users and that over 50% of its users are female.

But some experts say it is a false advertising claim and that the company makes more money by selling ads on its app than by making money on advertising.

So what is whatsapp doing with its money?

According to the company, it makes a profit by selling advertising to advertisers.

In order to make money, whatsapp needs to reach and target a certain number of people to make its app profitable.

Whatsapp has over 6 billion monthly users, according to its own data.

WhatsApp’s top advertisers are Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Microsoft and Twitter.

Whatsap also has its own ad network, called Whatsapp Ads, which allows the company to target its ads to a much wider audience than if it were just targeting people on its own platform.

Whatsaps advertisers can target users on Facebook, Twitter and Google.

What if its not advertising?

Whatsapp says it is “inherently” and “innovative” in how it operates.

It has set up an advertising division, which has over 500 advertisers and sells ads to other brands.

According to a spokesperson, whatsApp’s ad network sells over 20 billion ads a month.

Whatsapps ads do not have to be paid for, according the spokesperson.

It is possible to opt out of Whatsapp ads and have them be removed from its platform, the spokesperson added.

Whats apps ads are not required to be ad supported, however.

Whats app is the only company that advertises on its platform.

The majority of the advertising revenue for Whatsapp comes from advertising.

But whatsapp has said that its advertising revenue from ad revenue is not that high.

What are the big advertisers?

Whats app has over 70 different brands, according a spokesperson.

Some of them are: Nike, Zara, American Apparel, Gap, and T-Mobile.

Other notable brands include: The Washington Post, American Airlines, American Express, and Verizon.

Whats a platform?

WhatsApp is a platform.

You can use the app to connect with your friends, view other people’s profiles, read more messages, find people nearby, etc. It also lets you set a timer to watch a video or listen to a podcast.

Whats has a wide range of apps that are popular with young people.

There are apps like whatsapp messenger, whats app messenger, and whats app mobile, for example.

Whats is not a standalone app.

Whats the difference between whatsapp and a messenger app?

Whats is a messaging app, whereas messenger is a voice messaging app.

Messenger has a built-in camera.

Whats does not.

Whats mobile is also not a messaging application, but a social network.

Whats can be used to make calls, send messages, reply to messages, etc., but you cannot call someone.

Whats was launched on the iPhone.

Whats whatsapp was launched by a co-founder of an online dating app called Whats.

whatsapp is not an instant messaging app (like whatsapp) and does not have a video messaging feature.

Whats and whatsapp are not owned by Whatsapp itself.

Whats doesn’t use a separate ad network like Whatsapps does.

Whats ads do sell on its ads network.

What do you do if someone you don’t know blocks you on Whatsapp?

If you use Whats, you can see the blocked user and have the option to let them know you do not like them.

You might also get a notification.

If you do that, you are probably better off not using Whats.

You are also better off leaving the app, and you can then try contacting the blocked person directly, rather than using whats app to block them.

How does it work?

The Whats app works the same as a normal messaging app and you send a message to the person who blocked you.

You would need to either let the blocked account know that you are leaving the application or go to the blocked page, where you can find a link to the page you wish to leave.

If the person is not in the app you can also message the blocked app and get the same message.

What happens when you dont block someone?

You can still leave the app if you want, but you need to let the person know that this is a bad idea.

You could also tell the person that you don�t like them, but that you will not let them use your app again.

What about the privacy settings?

Whats does require users to choose whether they want their messages to be seen by their friends, or by people outside of the app.

The settings are there to help users understand what the app does and what it doesn�t do.

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