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Hello and welcome to our tutorial series on how to add contacts to your Whatsapp account on your computer.

If you want to add a contact, follow these steps:1.

Click the Settings button at the top right corner of your screen.2.

Select Contact from the list of settings.3.

Select Add from the options to add the contact to your account.4.

Enter your contact’s phone number, and your email address, as shown below.5.

Tap Add Contact.

This should add the contacts phone number to your whatsapp contact list.

If you have a few contacts to add to your phonebook, you can click on Add Contact and select those contacts.6.

Tap Next to accept your terms and conditions.7.

Tap OK.

If you are on a mobile device, you will see a message saying that the add-on has been approved and you can begin adding contacts.

If your phone is running Android 4.2, it may take a few minutes for the addons app to download.

If that happens, it is likely that you have not added the contacts properly.

To fix this, follow the steps below.8.

Open the addOns app on your phone.

Tap Settings.9.

Select Mobile from the drop down menu.10.

Select the Add-ons tab.11.

Select whatsapp.

If the addon has already been added to your mobile device’s contact list, tap Done to confirm.

If not, try adding the contact again by tapping Add Contact in the add ons app.

If the add Ons app does not show the contact you want, try using a different contact, such as a friend or family member.12.

If all is good, your contacts list should now look like this:1.)

Click Add Contact2.)

Tap the contact’s name3.)

Tap his email address4.)

Tap and hold the Add button in the Add Contact screen.

You should see a confirmation message telling you that your add-ons add-in has been added.

To remove the add add-Ons add-In, simply tap the Delete button in your addOnS app.

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