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A few years ago, a software engineer in his early 20s began experimenting with a simple social media app.

It was a social network called Facebook Messenger.

He’d started using it to find friends, connect with his ex-girlfriends, and, eventually, to post and reply to messages from people he’d never met.

The app had a few neat features: The app showed you the friends you’d talked to and sent messages to, as well as shared your location with others.

You could add new friends, or delete them, or just keep looking.

“I loved it,” said the engineer, who asked not to be identified by his real name because he still lives in the Bay Area.

“It was so easy to get started.

It just was a great experience.

I felt like a real pro.”

The app was a hit.

It quickly became a favorite among engineers, who used it to create apps for their own personal social networks, like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

But the app was also a pain to write.

“This was before the advent of C#, which is the programming language that makes it easier to write apps, and so it took a long time to get it all right,” said Matthew Hulbert, the cofounder of software company Inbox.

Hulberg was one of Facebook’s earliest engineers, and now works at Facebook’s mobile product, Ads, which recently released a new tool that lets developers write Facebook Messenger apps with just three lines of Java code.

That’s not a bad start.

“There’s a lot of people who want to be a Facebook engineer, and there’s a large group of people that want to get into programming,” Hulberts said.

“People are building apps because they want to build apps.”

And a lot are using Facebook’s platform to do so.

So far, there are nearly 3,500 Facebook Messenger developers around the world, and the company says that’s only a fraction of the more than 100,000 apps it has built.

But those numbers are deceptive.

Facebook says it has only created and deployed about 10,000 of those applications.

That figure is an estimate, and Facebook doesn’t provide any data on how many of those apps are actually used.

Facebook is betting that it can turn the program around.

It’s also betting that developers who use its platform will take advantage of its new tools and create apps that it wants to support.

In the past, Facebook has been reluctant to admit its success to developers.

But with Facebook’s acquisition of Inbox, the company believes it can better convince its users that it is delivering a valuable product, and it hopes that Facebook Messenger will be the foundation of the future of social networks.

“The biggest thing that we’re trying to do is to have the right software that makes sure that the platform is really robust, really resilient, that the community is really happy, and really good at creating experiences for users,” Hudbert said.

Facebook hopes that with the introduction of its Ads app, its new Messenger app, and its new Ads SDK, it can make that happen.

And, for the first time, it has some data on its platform’s success, showing that the social network has been able to reach a much larger audience.

But in the process, it’s also trying to avoid admitting that its platform is so broken that it’s going to take years to get people to adopt it.

Facebook Messenger is in the midst of a massive expansion effort that includes building out a mobile team and a new product that will eventually include its own app store.

And its Messenger app was built using only a few lines of the Java programming language, and was never designed to be fully usable for users.

And it has been in a slow state for years, with users frustrated that their friends are not showing up on the app, or that they’re not getting messages they’ve shared.

In December, Facebook revealed that it had launched a major redesign of the platform that will make the app easier to use for users of the Android platform.

The redesign is part of an effort to streamline the platform and bring the company closer to the goal of a universal mobile platform that everyone uses, rather than a fragmented social network that’s for some users and some users only.

But even though the redesign is significant, the new platform still hasn’t yet gone live.

“We think we’ve got the best tools, but we’re not yet ready to launch,” said a Facebook spokeswoman in an email.

That means Facebook is working to improve the platform, but it doesn’t have a ready-made solution to help users get their messages to their friends and to find new friends.

Facebook said that the new SDK will help developers make better use of the new messaging tool.

But, like the new Facebook app, the SDK has been built in Java.

And while Facebook says that it has created the SDK with a focus on developers and users, it also said that it

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