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Next Big future article Windows 8 and Mac users on the latest Windows RT, Windows 10 and Windows RT 8.5 devices are on the brink of having their apps removed by Microsoft after a new software update from the company announced today.

The software update, codenamed ‘WTS-15-1002’, was announced by Microsoft today and comes as a result of a new privacy policy announced by the company last month.

According to the new privacy policies, the company will no longer use your device’s IP address to track you, your activity, or even what apps you have installed, in a bid to reduce malware and spyware on your device.

“This new policy is the result of an independent investigation into the privacy impact of the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Mobile app store,” said the company in a statement.

“Microsoft’s goal is to make the operating system as secure as possible for users, businesses, and the broader public.

We will continue to evaluate how best to deliver this experience.”

The Windows Store has been updated to remove the app store as part of the latest update to the app platform, which includes an improved version of the app sandbox and the ability to remove apps from the store.

According the new Privacy Policy, Microsoft will no more use your IP address in tracking your device or tracking what apps are installed.

Instead, Microsoft wants you to use a unique identifier that is generated by your device and will only be used for tracking what you have been doing on your Windows 8 or Windows 10 device.

The new privacy update, however, is not limited to the Windows Store.

Microsoft is also introducing a new feature in Windows 10, which allows users to set up a secure location for apps, for example by using a USB key.

The company says the new feature is designed to protect users from “unlawful, harmful, or malicious actions on their devices”.

“In order to support your privacy and security, we have made it possible for you to disable these features for apps in your device, including those that have been found to be malicious or harmful,” the company said.

“In addition, we are updating Windows Store and the apps that you can use with Windows 10 to ensure that the security settings you choose are not compromised by unwanted apps.”

As we have always said, you have the ability for your device to choose the best settings to protect your privacy, but you also have the choice to share your settings with third parties.

“In addition to removing the app stores, Microsoft has also updated the browser’s privacy settings to ensure users can opt-out of tracking.

The Windows 10 Privacy & Security Settings update will roll out over the next few weeks to users who have already opted-in to the update, Microsoft said.

While the company has not announced any new restrictions for Windows users, the update does add a new option in the settings menu, called “Settings for Windows”, that lets you block the use of the internet tracking tool known as WebRadar by disabling it in the browser.

This new privacy settings is similar to the option for blocking the tracking tool in the Windows 10 app store.

The privacy update comes as Microsoft is expected to announce the next-generation Windows 10 Mobile operating system at a keynote on Tuesday.

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