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The way we communicate with our neighbors is changing.

There’s no shortage of apps and services to help us stay ahead, but one of the most popular is WhatsApp.

It’s been around since 2014, but has grown in popularity.

So what’s so good about WhatsApp?

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite features to keep us going.


Keep up with your friends, not just your messages WhatsApp lets you keep up with the latest conversation topics and keep them on top of your feed.

You can choose to “Keep Up With Friends” to keep up on conversations with your current and previous friends and keep track of all of your new friends.

You’re able to do this through a list of your friends and the messages they have shared with you.


Send messages on demand WhatsApp lets users send messages through a feature called “Send Message.”

You can tap the “Send” button to send a message and WhatsApp will reply with a confirmation email.

This email is sent to your email address, so you don’t have to type in your password on the screen.


Reply to messages You can reply to messages on your phone with the “Reply to Messages” button.

You’ll see an option to send an “Unread” notification to your current messages that you want to delete, or reply to with a “Read” notification.

You also have the option to “Reply in Seconds” to respond to messages within seconds.


Reply automatically When you send a reply, it will automatically be sent to the inbox of the current recipient.

So if you’re talking on the phone with a friend on the way to a meeting, for example, you’ll see a notification that will be sent directly to their inbox.


Create and edit messages If you’re not already in the WhatsApp conversation, you can create a new one by tapping the “New” button and entering your desired topic.

This will take you to your conversation’s settings screen where you can edit your topic.

You will also have an option for “Send Instant Reply” which will let you send your own text message to the recipient.


Reply and delete automatically WhatsApp can delete messages automatically.

So you can delete a message from your phone without even opening it, just like you would on any other app.

This means that it won’t bother you if you don the app once you open it up again, so long as you don

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