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People have long been using mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp to send messages.

Now, as technology improves, we’re beginning to see more and more people using these apps to keep in touch with friends and family, and with business associates, friends and co-workers, and even family members.

The most recent survey from online marketplace WeChat (now owned by Facebook) found that 44 percent of U.S. adults are using a mobile messaging app.

This number is up from 40 percent last year, and has been increasing steadily over the last five years.

In fact, WeChat’s new survey found that more than 90 percent of its U.K. and European users are using mobile messages for business.

The average duration of using a messaging app is roughly four minutes, and nearly a quarter of U!


and Canadian users use an app at least three days a week.

But how much time are we spending using these applications, and how often do we spend messaging on them?

For the purpose of this survey, we used two questions to measure how frequently people use an application.

The first question asked if people had used the application at least once in the last three months.

The second asked if they had used it at least six times in the past year.

WeChat’s data shows that the majority of people are using their messaging app every day.

People are using WhatsApp at least two hours a day and more than three hours a week, and are also using it every day and at least twice a week for business and work purposes.

People tend to spend an average of two hours and two minutes a day on an app and three hours and three minutes a week on it for business purposes.

So, how does this compare to how we use messaging apps in the U..


As you can see, the majority spend their time using an app more than once a day, but that doesn’t mean they’re using more than a few times a week and more frequently than that.

The vast majority of U!.

S. users don’t spend an hour or more a day using their mobile messaging application.

They spend an estimated average of just under four minutes on a messaging application a day.

People are also spending more time using messaging apps on weekends and holidays than they are on other days of the week.

The majority of those who use their messaging apps every day are using them on weekends, holidays, or during the week when they don’t have to be using the app.

For those who are using the apps for business, the most common weekend usage time is about six hours a month, and the most frequent weekend usage period is six hours and one minute a week (the average is about five minutes a minute).

So how does that compare to our other popular mobile messaging platforms?

Most of the time people use messaging on a smartphone, but they also use apps for other types of mobile communications, like voice and video calls.

Most people also use them for business calls, email, and instant messaging.

People also use mobile messaging on the Internet at times when they have no time to use their phone for other reasons, like shopping, work, or socializing.

But, as the chart above shows, the vast majority spend an afternoon or evening or even a few hours a night on their mobile phone or apps, which is the most important time of the day to them.

In short, most people spend more time on their phones on weekends than they do on other times of the year.

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