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From the moment you start sending and receiving WhatsApp messages, you are probably aware of the app’s voice dictation features.

However, what you may not have noticed is that the app also has a very handy feature that lets you listen to your Whatsapp conversations without having to enter any text.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to turn a whatsapp message into a Podcast using a few simple steps.


Open the app 2.

Select the voice dictator app 3.

Choose the voice app 4.

Go to the settings and choose the audio option 5.

Turn on the audio source The first step is to open the whatsapp app, as this will allow you to record your voice.

To do this, tap on the icon next to the microphone icon.

To record your microphone input, hold down the microphone button and press the mic button again when you hear a sound.

If you don’t hear any sound, try using your phone’s volume control.

The app will automatically set the volume.

If it does not work, try increasing or decreasing the volume manually.

To mute your microphone, you can tap on your microphone icon and then tap on ‘Mute’.


Create a playlist Select the whatsap voice app to create a new audio playlist.

The whatsapp voice dictators are able to record audio from up to five different sources.

Once you have selected the whatsaboard audio app, go to the ‘playlist’ tab.


Select your source Once you are in the whatsappy voice dictater app, tap the microphone indicator next to your microphone.

To create a playlist, select the audio you want to record and then click the play button to start recording.

You can choose to record all the audio from your audio source, or you can choose only some of it. 4.

Create your podcast You can create your own podcast by selecting your source and choosing ‘play’.

Once you select the podcast, it will automatically play a few episodes of your podcast.

To start recording your podcast, you need to add a title for your podcast (for example, my podcast title is “What happened to my Whatsapp conversation?”).

To start the podcast and listen to it, select ‘Start recording’.

Once the podcast starts, tap ‘Playback’.


Share your podcast on your whatsaboat Twitter app If you have a whatsaboob, you have the ability to record a podcast by tweeting a link to your podcast in your tweets.

This is really useful if you are a Whatsapp fan, because it gives you an easy way to keep track of your conversations.

You don’t need to log in to the whatsaob to do this.

Just type in your tweet, hit ‘submit’, and then your podcast will be added to your timeline.

If there is no link, you will see a message telling you that the podcast was not found.


Share on your Whatsaaboat Facebook app If your whatsaaboard is Facebook-enabled, you may be able to share your podcast via Facebook Messenger.

To share your Whatsaboard podcast on Facebook Messenger, select your podcast and choose ‘Share’.


Upload your podcast to your youtube channel When you first start recording a Whatsaboat podcast, the first thing you need is a video that you can play back.

You need a good quality video to start.

To find the best quality video, you should look for videos of your chats.

If the video quality is bad, you might need to change the channel in which you are recording your Whatsap conversation to an easier viewing channel.

To upload your video, select a folder on your computer and choose an image that is not blurry.

Once the video is uploaded, it should be shown on the Youtube page of your whatsappy channel.


Check out your podcast by commenting It is very easy to watch your whatsap conversations on YouTube.

To check out your whatsabc podcast, simply click on your podcast name and then choose ‘Edit’.

To edit your podcast’s content, simply select the text that you want changed and then hit ‘Edit’ button.

You will now be able check out the latest episode of your Whatsappy conversation by commenting on it.

To review a comment made on your video or on your episode, you must press the ‘Reply’ button on the video and then press the down arrow button to see the comments.

You may also want to bookmark your podcast as a reminder to check out new episodes.


Share a video with your Whatsabc channel To share a video on your Youtube channel, select and then ‘Add to playlist’ on your playlist.

To add a video to your playlist, just press ‘Add Video’ button at the top of your playlist page.

You should now see your video on the YouTube page of the whatsabc channel.


Follow the trending topics on your WhatsApp channel If you are following a

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