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WhatsApp’s free video chat feature is available to anyone on the world’s most popular social networking service, but you’ll need a paid plan to use it.

WhatsApp can stream video chats to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone from your mobile hotspot, but that means you’ll have to pay for the bandwidth to use that connection.

You can also buy an app to stream videos from your phone to your WhatsApp app.

To get started, we recommend the free WhatsApp Video App, which lets you watch your WhatsApp video conversations while you work, study, or school.

WhatsApp has also partnered with YouTube for its WhatsApp video streaming.

Here’s how to stream video using WhatsApp video.


Find and sign up for WhatsApp’s video chat program If you’ve already signed up for an app like WhatsApp Video, it’ll ask you if you want to enable video chat.

You don’t need to, because the app will automatically set the profile of your video chat settings to your smartphone or computer’s video streaming setting, if available.

If not, it can tell you which video settings to change, and if you’re on a mobile phone or tablet, it will prompt you to enable that setting.

If you’re using an Android device, it should ask you to download a video app that can stream your videos.

If your video app doesn’t have video chat, tap on the video chat icon next to the WhatsApp logo.

If it asks you to select a video, tap it to open the settings.

Tap the “Video” tab and set the “Streaming” setting to “Enabled.”

Tap the check mark next to “Allow” to enable the video app’s video chatting feature.


Tap on your WhatsApp account to open your video chats.


When the video chats screen appears, tap the “Start” button.

If a video chat doesn’t appear, it’s because it’s not a video-only video chat—you’ll need to enable both video chat and video sharing for that feature.


Tap your video icon next or left to access your video conversation.

To view your video conversations on your desktop or laptop computer, tap or tap the video icon in the upper-right corner.

To open your mobile chat settings on your phone, tap your phone’s video icon on the top left corner of your screen.

To access your WhatsApp profile, swipe down on your video’s video menu to reveal your profile settings.

If both video and video chat are enabled, you can also open your WhatsApp apps to see your chats.

To enable video chats on WhatsApp, you’ll first need to add a video account.

WhatsApp uses a “profile” to identify your phone and your computer.

You’ll need this information to create and manage video chat sessions.

To add a profile, you first need a WhatsApp user name and password, which are required for video chat to work.

To set up your account, follow these steps: Tap on the “Settings” menu icon in your top right corner.

From the “Account Settings” screen, tap “Settings.”

Select “Accounts,” then “Profile.”

Tap “Create a new account.”

Enter your phone number and password.

Your profile should look like this: If you don’t have a phone number or password, you may need to call a number to verify that you’re logged in with your WhatsApp phone number.

When you sign in to your account on your mobile phone, you should see a pop-up menu with your username and password in it.

Next, you need to confirm that you want video chat on your profile.

Tap “OK.”

When you’re done, you will see your video profile.

If video chat isn’t enabled on your device, tap OK and continue.


After you’re signed in, tap in the video message you want your video to appear on your screen to open it.

If there’s no video, the video won’t appear.

When it does, you have a video on screen.

Tap or tap to view the chat.


Tap to mute the video.


Tap and hold on the text on your left to highlight it and tap or touch it to edit it.

Tap, hold, and drag to move it.

When done, tap to mute it.

To see the video, your phone screen will turn white.

If the video is muted, tap and hold the video you want on your right and click or touch the video to

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