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In the last two years, the number of emoticons in the Whatsapp app has increased by over 2,000 percent.

This is not a small jump from less than 1,000 in 2014.

Whatsapp’s popularity and userbase have only grown over the last couple of years.

Whatsapi’s userbase grew by almost half over the same period.

It is easy to see why users are so happy to use Whatsapp.

Users don’t have to do any of the extra work that goes into creating an account, which allows them to send and receive messages without having to download a third party app.

The app is also much easier to use for new users, as it’s a single tap away, compared to Facebook.

WhatsApp is also more of a social network than Facebook, so there are fewer barriers for new and inexperienced users to get started.

For some users, the rise in emoticons has been more noticeable, but it’s not necessarily because of their emoticons.

As with Facebook, the growth in the number and popularity of emoticon usage is largely driven by the rise of emotive sharing.

This year, the top 10 emoticons used by Whatsapp users in India increased from three to six, with two of the emoticons (heart and a smiley face) making the top five.

Whatsabot, the emoji app that uses emoticons, has been gaining popularity among WhatsApp users and has surpassed 1 million users.

There are also new users on Whatsapp, but they have a few more hurdles to overcome before they can start using the app.

For these new users who don’t know what to expect, here are a few tips to get them going.1.

Find out what it means to be a “friend” on Whatsabots emoticons page.

This can be a simple matter of tapping on a friend’s name, but there are many nuances to finding out what these emoticons mean.

For example, there is a wide variety of emotes that have different meanings on Whatsabs emoticons pages.

For instance, a heart emoji could mean a person who is loving, loving, or just being happy.

The smileyface emoji is often used to signify someone being a friend.

It can also be used to say “thank you” or to express joy or excitement.

If you want to be extra sure of what your friends mean when they say their name, check out the list of emoji that have meanings that differ from emoticon to emoji.2.

Read Whatsapp Whatsapp emoticons and see what it looks like on your phone.

You can see these emoticon on your Whatsapp account or from your phone screen.

You’ll also see how many messages you have received in the app, as well as the number that have been opened and closed.3.

Learn the meaning of each emoji.

Whatsap users often use their own unique words when saying their names, as they can be very difficult to remember.

This means you will need to look through Whatsabottos emoticon dictionary to find out which words you have used before.

For more on emoticons on Whatsapps, see this article.4.

Try to get used to the new emoji.

Some of the new emoticons that are coming to Whatsapp have different names than those in the emoji dictionary.

For Whatsabooters, these are the ones that they are most familiar with.

You might find it helpful to look for other words that they use when saying the word “heart” or “heart emoji”.

For example: the emoticon for “love” might be called “lover emoji”.

Other emoticons for “fear” or for “anger” might come in a variety of different words.

You will have to keep your eye out for these new emoticon names in the future.5.

Use Whatsapp emoji stickers on your home screen.

When you open up Whatsapp on your computer, it will display a list of all the emotes and other emojis you have sent and received in a list format.

Some users also use stickers to add their own emoticons to their home screen and their phone’s home screen, making it easy to add emoticons when using the WhatsApp app.

When you first open Whatsapp for the first time, the app will ask you to enable a few new features that will help you with your Whatsabattles experience.

Some will be useful, like being able to set your time zone.

Some might not, such as not being able at all to add your own emoticon.

This will be a feature that Whatsapp will add over time.

You may also be able to add a friend to your friends list.

For a full list of these features, see here.

Whatsapp users also have a number of new stickers that can be added to their app and on their home screens.

These stickers can be used in a number the same way you can add new emojises.

These include stickers that look

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