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By now, you’ve probably heard that Whatsapp has been acquired by Facebook for $19 billion.

The news is good, but the question remains: Why would a company that has made no money off Whatsapp ever acquire it?

The answer is that Whatsapps user base has been shrinking since the acquisition, as well as the company’s mobile and desktop apps.

As a result, Whatsapps users have been migrating to more secure apps like Telegram and Instagram, while the app’s users have increasingly been migrating over to Apple’s mobile apps.

With Whatsapp’s user base shrinking, so has its market share, and in a world of big, expensive apps, that’s a problem for any business.

But Whatsapp isn’t just about users.

The company also has a huge amount of money.

While Facebook’s mobile revenue grew from $20 billion in 2013 to $28 billion in 2016, Whatsapp grew from just $2 billion in 2015 to $6 billion in 2017.

So Whatsapp, the first app from a startup, has a lot to lose by losing its users.

And the potential for that loss to be even greater is just beginning to show.

With the company announcing the acquisition on Thursday, a number of factors have been weighing on the company: the growth of the app, the growth in its app store, and the company itself.

But the biggest problem is that as the number of Whatsapp users has grown over time, so too has the number that can actually use the app.

That means the app has been getting older and getting less user friendly.

It’s a big problem.

When you look at Whatsapp from a user perspective, it’s not a bad app.

Users love to send messages and see pictures and read news, but when it comes to actual use, the app is pretty terrible.

As the number and age of users has increased, the number at the top of the user rankings has also increased, and those users have become much more likely to drop out.

This means that the app no longer has an active user base.

When that happens, it has a significant impact on the revenue stream for Whatsapp.

The problem isn’t limited to Whatsapp though.

Many other apps are suffering from the same issue.

While the company is in the midst of a significant user growth, its desktop and mobile apps are also experiencing a decline.

As more and more people switch over to apps from their existing device, they’re more likely than ever to leave the app and switch to another.

As a result of this, Whatswapp has also seen a decline in its revenue and share of the mobile app market.

With only 13.5 percent of the market in 2016 and only 11 percent in 2017, Whatsworthapp’s market share was down by 2.9 percent.

It’s no wonder, then, that the company recently posted a quarter-year-low revenue.

As Whatsapp is an app that was meant to be used by millions, the company will be a huge loss for the company and the users.

If Whatsapp goes down, it will have a huge impact on both the revenue that the platform generated and the overall growth that it had been generating.

The good news is that whatsapp’s users are migrating away from the app in droves.

That’s not only because the app itself is getting older, but because its users have grown more comfortable using the new apps and services.

The bad news is thats not all the app will lose.

Whatsapp will also lose the ability to offer more features and content.

The app has already started adding support for third-party messaging apps, but this will only increase.

This is because Whatsapp already has a massive number of users that use its apps.

As well, Whats app has a big user base that will be left behind as users migrate to other platforms.

The good news for Whatsapps is that the majority of its users are mobile users, and so it doesn’t have a massive amount of users to lose.

In addition to the bad news, Whats’ new app may not have the best user experience.

Whats apps users have said that they are generally quite slow and laggy.

This, in turn, has resulted in many users abandoning the app altogether.

That will make it harder for the app to attract new users.

The potential for this is huge, and Whatsapp needs to be careful that it doesn`t lose its users as quickly as it did with Whatsapp and its apps in 2015.

If Whatsapp fails to make the transition to a more mobile-friendly app, it may have a hard time keeping up with its users and its revenue.

Thats a huge potential loss for Whats.

While Whatsapp itself isn’t bad, the acquisition may be a setback for Whatsworth.

The acquisition will likely be a tough sell for Whats worth around $5 billion.

If the company loses its users, it would lose

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