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Posted January 08, 2018 03:30:34The app, which allows users to send text messages and pictures via a mobile device, has been installed on over two million computers and phones around the world.

Whatsapp has been around for less than a year but has been a hot topic in the mobile industry since it launched last year.

It has gained a loyal following due to its ability to connect users with friends and family via WhatsApp, the app’s messaging service, and a “friends” button that allows users in different countries to send each other messages.

In 2016, WhatsApp acquired the startup Kik for $360 million in cash and stock, but it is not yet clear if the deal will be completed.

A year later, the company has not only expanded its messaging service but also added a new feature called “friends lists”.

Users can now add their friends in their native language to their Whatsapp friends list.

The company has also started to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help it develop and market its service.

Last year, the WhatsApp app was able to connect with more than 40 million people through its service, according to data from Statista.

But the app has faced criticism in the past for allowing access to content that could be harmful or inappropriate to some users, such as the content of porn or explicit videos.

Its biggest rivals in the messaging space, Apple and Google, have launched similar products in recent years.

Google has long had a dominant position in the social network space with its popular messaging apps, Facebook Messenger and YouTube.

Users have been able to send messages via WhatsApp in many ways, but users are able to share pictures, videos, text messages, and music on the app.

However, users have been unable to send video messages via the app, and have also been unable in some cases to send videos to Whatsapp’s friends list, as WhatsApp says it does not allow the sharing of private video chats.

WhatsApp has been gaining popularity in recent months, with more people using the app to send and receive text messages.

Users have been encouraged to use the app as they do not have access to their own private messaging apps and the apps themselves are very limited in what they can do with the content they can send and send.

Some users are also finding that they can only send messages when they are at home, which can be a pain when they travel to a different country.

Whisper is a messaging app, rather than a messaging service in the traditional sense.

Its not just a messaging application like WhatsApp.

Its a communication app, a service that allows you to send a message, to have someone else send a response, and to have that reply be visible on your own screen.

If you are an iOS user who is looking to connect to Whatsper on your iPhone, you can get the app on the App Store and Google Play.

You can also install Whatsapp on your Android device using the Android app store and Google.

There is no sign of WhatsApp on Apple devices at the moment, although its possible that Whatsapp could be coming to Apple devices sometime in the future.

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