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WhatsApp, the messaging app for mobile devices, is going to go public in a big way, and the company is going through a big IPO process in India.

The Indian government has announced that the company will be listing on the Mumbai Stock Exchange on October 4.

The announcement came via a tweet from WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum, who said: The stock market is going on an epic ride.

The stock exchange will launch on October 8.

So what are you waiting for?

WhatsApp is not the first tech company to go private in India—it’s been the case for companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Airbnb, and many more.

But WhatsApp has a number of advantages over these companies, which include a global reach, better valuation, and an open platform for third parties to sell their services to.

WhatsApp is also owned by the Facebook group, so you won’t be restricted to WhatsApp in India or anywhere else.

While WhatsApp’s valuation is quite high, it’s still in the low single digits, and a lot of people don’t see it as an investment.

You don’t need a fancy job to make money selling your services to the public, and you can take your money elsewhere if you’re not looking for a company that makes money.

A lot of Indian tech companies have gone private before.

The government has approved a series of private companies to compete in India’s burgeoning IT sector, but WhatsApp is the first to go publicly.

WhatsApp has also attracted a lot more attention than Facebook in India for a few reasons.

The company has the ability to reach huge numbers of people across India through Whatsapp, and it has a long history of doing this, thanks to its mobile app.

In India, WhatsApp is widely considered the country’s most popular mobile messaging app.

WhatsApp has over 15 million monthly active users, and they use the app almost every day.

But WhatsApp has been able to grow in popularity over time, and its popularity is particularly high among women, because women tend to use messaging apps more than men.

This is partly because of the fact that WhatsApp allows for instant messaging, but also because the app has a built-in voice chat feature.

You can also use the feature to ask questions on WhatsApp to other users, which is a really cool feature.

For a company to become popular in India in the same way Facebook and Twitter did in the United States, WhatsApp needs to reach a certain amount of users.

If it doesn’t reach this number, WhatsApp will have trouble competing with the big tech companies.

The company has already established itself as a viable and powerful messaging app, but there are still some issues that need to be resolved before it can take over WhatsApp.

How does WhatsApp make money?

Whisper is currently based in the Netherlands, but the company plans to expand its reach into India and the U.K. It also plans to sell ads on WhatsApp, but it will only be for free for now.

The service will also have a free tier that lets you advertise your services, but advertisers can only do so for the time period that WhatsApp has agreed to.

So WhatsApp has to prove that it can grow the way Facebook, Instagram and Airbnb have.

What are the issues that WhatsApp faces in India?

The first thing to realize is that WhatsApp is an entirely new product for India.

Its founders are all natives of the Netherlands.

And WhatsApp is a messaging app that people are not used to, especially for the women who are using it.

So the company has to figure out how to deal with the fact women use WhatsApp more than other types of messaging apps.

It is a challenge for WhatsApp because it has to overcome a number that are very entrenched in the Indian society: gender inequality.

Indians are not using Whatsapp the way they do Facebook, and even the government doesn’t know what WhatsApp is.

The country has a history of not being inclusive of women in tech.

And India’s economy is still very much a boys club.

As WhatsApp grows in popularity, it will have to try to solve these problems.

But this will not be easy.

Is WhatsApp the right investment?

Yes, but you need a lot to make a successful IPO.

WhatsApp will only make a small profit for the next few years, and in order to be profitable, WhatsApp has got to raise money from large investors.

This could be a challenge if WhatsApp can’t raise capital from a large investor.

The investors could invest a few million dollars, or even tens of millions, in a fund that focuses on building the product and not the IPO.

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