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Whatsapp has been making waves with its SMS functionality for quite some time now.

The app has long been seen as a platform that provides quick and easy texting with your phone.

But it’s now become apparent that Whatsapp is really starting to make its mark on the messaging industry.

Whatsapp’s messaging capabilities have been on display at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year and the company has been pushing to expand its SMS capabilities into its own messaging platform.

The new messaging app, Whatsapp Messenger, is available for iPhone and Android devices. “

We are really excited about this, and we are in the early stages of this, we hope we can reach some sort of launch date in the first quarter of 2019,” Papadaki said.

The new messaging app, Whatsapp Messenger, is available for iPhone and Android devices.

It has been developed in partnership with the Japanese mobile carrier NTT Docomo, which will offer Whatsapp with its free VoIP service.

It will allow users to set up an account with the carrier to get a phone number.

The mobile carrier is also in the process of adding its own mobile app to its app store and is planning to launch a version of the app for iOS in the coming weeks.

Whats Whatsapp also recently rolled out a new version of its SMS app for Android devices called Whatsapp Messages.

The company also plans to bring its SMS messaging capabilities to its iOS app store.

While Whatsapp messaging is currently only available for iOS devices, Papadakis said that the company is exploring adding its services to other platforms such as Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, and BlackBerry Messenger.

The Android app is still in beta testing, and the iOS version is in beta.

“This is something that we are working on now.

We will roll it out soon, and you will see it in the next release.

I think that we have a very strong and active team of people who are working hard on this, so I would not be surprised if we see it sooner rather than later,” Papadskios said.

WhatsApp’s new messaging capabilities are set to be rolled out to the app store in the near future, with Papadaksays team of developers working on the technology.

It is unclear how much longer the company will be able to continue making new features for the platform.

It may take some time before Whatsapp can fully support the SMS feature in its own platform, which would be a huge step for the messaging app company.

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