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WhatsApp’s Dark Mode has come a long way in its first year.

The company is launching a new feature on iOS today, a feature which will allow users to text while their phone is dark.

Whatsapp’s Dark mode is a feature that lets users send and receive text messages on their phone.

The feature has been around since the company launched Dark Mode in 2015 and is now being used by a growing number of brands, including Instagram, Facebook and Instagram Stories.

The feature is available to everyone who is running iOS 10.

To enable Dark Mode, you will need to enable the feature in Settings.

You can do this by tapping on the Dark Mode icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Then tap the toggle switch next to “Enable Dark Mode”.

Whispersync is a messaging app that lets you send and share your voice messages with other people in your network.

You can download it for free from the Apple App Store.

WhatsApp has also updated its app with a new dark mode called Silent Mode.

This feature will also let you send messages without turning your phone on.

While the dark mode has been in beta for a while, we were able to test it out on our iPhone 6s.

The app allows you to toggle the dark setting on or off on the lock screen.

This is useful for users who use their phone on a table or on a coffee table.

Whispersync’s new dark modes have been a major hit in recent months.

A few months ago, we also asked WhatsApp to share its Dark Mode status, and we got this response from WhatsApp: “This feature is currently available in beta.

Please use it at your own risk, as it is not meant to be used in any circumstances.

In order to make the feature work, you need to turn your phone off completely while using Silent Mode and to enable it on your lock screen.”

So, is Dark Mode worth the hype?

Whisper’s Darkmode feature is a major step forward for the company, and it’s easy to see why.

While it’s a good idea to use your phone in the dark when you’re away from home, it can also be very annoying.

The only way to prevent this is to make sure your phone is turned off completely.

Whispering dark mode is just one of the features that WhatsApp is adding to its app.

WhatsApp is also launching an app called Dark Mode on Android.

If you’re using WhatsApp in the Dark mode, you can also enable voice messages from your contacts on the Messages app.

This feature is just coming to WhatsApp’s Android app, which is coming soon.

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