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A group of WhatsApp users have been discussing their feelings about the WhatsApp group ‘whatsporno’, a group of images of nude women.

The WhatsApp group has been around since February, and was started by members of a WhatsApp group called ‘whisper’.

The group is currently under investigation by the WhatsApp Security Team.

The group has not had any negative comments on the group yet, but the discussion on Whatsporno has been heated, with users accusing each other of being paedophiles.

The discussion on whatsporno is currently going on and it isnt a fun topic to read the whole time youre reading it, one user wrote.

Another user added: “Itsnt the most popular group in the group, but its the most interesting.

Itsnt really a group I like to hang out with, but if I wanted to, I would.”

The discussion about whatsporn started after a WhatsApp user, who is part of the WhatsApp security team, shared an image of a photo of a naked woman on WhatsPorno.

The user has not responded to requests for comment.

The image of the woman has not been deleted yet.

The users of Whatsporn have not responded as of yet to the discussion.

Some users of the Whatspantime group have been quick to share their own images of a woman in lingerie, with one user writing: “Ive just seen a photo that Ive seen before of a very attractive woman in panties.

It’s one of my favorites.

Im not a big fan of the group but its my favorite so im not really surprised.”

The group was started in January 2018 and is currently in the process of being disbanded.

The members of the Facebook group ‘Whatspantimes’ also criticised the WhatsApp members for their behaviour, saying: “We all agree that Whatspants isnt an ideal group for sexual activity, and that this has led to some really nasty and disgusting comments from the members.

We all have our own private agendas that we share, but we all want to have a good time and get to know each other.

Whatspaint isnt the place for that, and we’re all looking forward to our upcoming events.”

The WhatsApp Security team is investigating whether the WhatsApp users violated any WhatsApp rules, as the group has had at least one negative comment posted on it.

WhatsApp security is not the only group of users that have criticised WhatsApp.

Twitter user ‘Django’ has created a WhatsApp account that uses the handle @drewjango, and he has also been using it to share images of women being filmed by their own phones.

Another Twitter user, ‘Thelkstw’, has created an account called ‘thelkstal’, and posted a series of nude photos on his account.

Twitter users are now also starting to share pictures of women in lingeria, and the WhatsApp community is starting to get involved.

The conversation about Whatspancy has been heating up.

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