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My friend who was in India last week posted a video on WhatsApp, explaining why she was blocked.

The video was shared widely and was shared on Whatsapps newsfeed.

A few days later, she was contacted by WhatsApp support and explained that her account had been blocked because she was trying to get a visa for India.

She had not uploaded a video to her account.

The video was later deleted from her video feed, but her friend’s video remained and was uploaded to a website.

This happened again last week.

My friend posted the following message on WhatsApp: “I have been blocked by Whatsapp.

This is the message I received yesterday.

My account was blocked because of an advertisement on my Whatsapp page.

This advertisement is misleading.

Please contact me for more information.”

I had a problem with my Whatsapps account.

I was blocked by the app because of advertisements on my video.

Whatsapp support is very polite and they did not contact me in any way.

She also added: “Please do not use WhatsApp, it is a scam.”

I have not seen the message on the video she posted.

My friend was blocked and was blocked from using the app for a few days.

I have not received any replies from WhatsApp since the incident occurred.

I have had the same problem with the Whatsapp app since its launch, but I had never had a issue.

It seemed that they were not very proactive in the issue of misinformation and misleading ads.

I thought that they might have noticed the issue on the app and taken steps to get rid of the ad, but no such action has occurred.

Whatsapp, and its app, are in a state of crisis.

The app is under fire for misleading users and its developers, who are not a company, are being accused of being in cahoots with foreign governments.

A recent investigation found that some WhatsApp users have been paid for sharing their personal information with the government, and the app is in violation of privacy laws.

I don’t know what WhatsApp can do to clean up its act and stop this from happening again.

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