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I know, I know—why bother using the internet?

I know.

We all do.

But we do it.

And you should too.

If you’re a Google+ user, the free version of the Google+ application will let you:1.

Sign up for and use Google+ for one-on-one communication with other Google+ users (and invite your friends).2.

Read news, search, and comment from Google+ on the web (or in the Google app, which will show you your friends’ posts).3.

Use the social sharing function on Google+ (including group conversations and group photos).4.

View your own posts and comments on Google+.5.

Sign in to your Google+ account with your Google account password (or if you’re already a member, a one-time passcode).6.

Create a new Google+ profile.7.

Share content with friends via your Google+.8.

Access your Google+, account, and contacts through your account (not via your email address).9.

Reply to messages from your Google Plus contacts, including replies from your friends and the people you are following on Twitter.10.

Reply directly to messages on Google Plus, Facebook, and LinkedIn.11.

Reply on your phone or tablet to any Google+ post or comment from your contacts.12.

Reply with a reply to a post or a comment on another person’s profile.13.

View other Google+, Google+ content on Google+, Facebook, or LinkedIn.14.

Reply and respond to a conversation from your own Google+ conversation with your friends.15.

View the latest status updates from your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profile.16.

Sign-in to your Gmail account to see all of your contacts’ messages and status updates.17.

Reply automatically to messages, and send replies, from people who follow you on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.18.

Reply through Google+ to other Google+.19.

Reply from other GooglePlus accounts, and read the replies to your Facebook posts.20.

Reply, or “like” any Google+.


Reply privately to someone who is currently in a Google+.22.

Reply or “share” a message on a private Google+ contact or post from your profile, as well as on a public Google+ page.23.

Reply for a friend on Google+) to see the conversation in real time.24.

Reply in person to any public Google+.25.

Reply a comment to any comment on your profile.26.

Reply anonymously to a comment from another person on your Google+) profile.27.

Reply publicly to any news story in Google+.28.

Reply personally to a news story or tweet from someone on your Facebook.29.

Reply private to a public profile or tweet on your personal profile.30.

Reply live to a live chat with someone on another social network.31.

Reply without your Google profile and profile pictures in your Google or Facebook.


Reply using a mobile browser and your Google username.33.

Reply instantly to a tweet from a person you follow on Twitter or Facebook, as long as you have the Google+.

app open.34.

Reply offline from a phone number that you don’t control.35.

Reply by text, text message, email, and in-app message.36.

Reply over video chats.37.

Reply online to a message from a third party (Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.).38.

Reply within minutes to a reply or comment on a conversation you are in.39.

Reply at a time.40.

Reply right from your inbox.41.

Reply before your friend.42.

Reply only if you are reading a comment.43.

Reply when a message has been opened.44.

Reply immediately.45.

Reply if your friend sends you a text.46.

Reply anytime.47.

Reply all.48.

Reply multiple times.49.

Reply every time.50.

Reply once per day.51.

Reply more than once per hour.52.

Reply daily.53.

Reply the day after a new message.54.

Reply during business hours.55.

Reply whenever someone is available to reply.56.

Reply under conditions other than those specified above.57.

Reply anywhere (except a public conversation).58.

Reply just before a scheduled message expires.59.

Reply as soon as a new public message arrives.60.

Reply exactly as you normally would.61.

Reply after a time period specified in the notification.62.

Reply no later than 30 minutes after a scheduled post or message expires, unless it is specifically noted as such in the text.63.

Reply any time (except when the time has passed).64.

Reply even when there is no message to reply to.65.

Reply whether the message was sent by a friend or an acquaintance.66.

Reply while reading an

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